For the community

How can you contribute to EnzymeML?

  1. More applications which read and write EnzymeML

    As a standardized exchange format for enzymatic data, EnzymeML offers the opportunity to exchange data between different applications without need of reformatting. We currently collaborate with software developers and database providers to enable their applications to read and write EnzymeML (find technical details here).

  2. Extension of the data model

    Currently, an EnzymeML document contains information about reaction conditions (temperature, buffer, additives) and about the enzyme, the substrates, and the products. We are planning to extend EnzymeML to include more details about the measurement protocols for substrate and product concentrations, the enzyme (specifying a batch, its preparation, measuring of enzyme concentration, immobilization), the reaction vessel (microtiter well, cuvette, flow reactor), and about the modelling process including quality measures of the estimated parameters.