The EnzymeML Team produces software libraries and some specific software tools for working with EnzymeML. We are partnering with a number of third-party packages, which will support EnzymeML. You can visit the Use cases page to find out more about the first systems adopting EnzymeML.

Spreadsheet to EnzymeML conversion

Download the EnzymeML spreadsheet template and fill in your experimental data. Once done, you can use our template conversion page to convert your spreadsheet to an EnzymeML document.

For further information, please contact us or investigate the example sheet that is included in the EnzymeML spreadsheet template archive.


General software for reading, writing and editing EnzymeML as well as high-level functionalities such as DataFrame raw data export and data validation.

Find it on GitHub and PyPi


Our publicly available REST-API offers several endpoints, which provide all tools to handle EnzymeML remotely.

For more information find the documentation or run your own server instance via our Docker image.

EnzymeML Template

Tutorial and best practices

The EnzymeML Team provides a template in the commonly used spreadsheet format, which was…