EnzymeML is a free and open XML-based format for a standardized monitoring and exchange of data on enzyme-catalyzed reactions according to the FAIR principles.


For experimentalists

How can EnzymeML help you to manage your experimental data? EnzymeML was developed to support data acquisition, data…

For modelers

How can EnzymeML help you developing, implementing and analysing models? An EnzymeML document provides the complete…

For database providers

How can EnzymeML help you to publish results and to exchange data? EnzymeML is a flexible data model for biocatalysis…

For software developers

Want to implement EnzymeML read and write functionalities in your software? Here you have somes ideas to inspire your…

For the community

How can you contribute to EnzymeML? More applications which read and write EnzymeML As a standardized exchange format…



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Data Compliance

EnzymeML will help you to store and share your data following the STRENDA Guidelines.